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To ensure the safety of our drives, and clients we are adhering to the freight movement code that is in place as of August 2020 (See below link for further information). We are monitoring for any updates on this code and continually prepping our staff and drivers.


Masks are worn during any contact with clients or customers, when dropping off or picking up shipment and during any stops. We also are regular santising our vehciles inside and outdoor handles, petrol pumps, back door operations and tailgate lifts. 

Continuing with social distancing were possible and regularly undergoing COVID-19 testing when crossing borders.

For any more information please contact us or check out some articles below.


27 June 2021 - NSW Update

 Please ensure drivers adhere to the mask requirements whilst working in restricted areas. Please also continue to monitor the hotspot areas on the below link.

Details on heavy vehicle freight testing locations are also included. The NHVR recommends drivers continue to avail themselves of the testing on offer.

Having a COVID-19 Safety Plan which includes encouraging freight workers to undertake voluntary COVID-19 testing on a rolling 7 day basis is a key strategy to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. NSW continues to provide the following freight friendly COVID testing sites which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

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