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1. . The Carrier reserves the right to refuse the carriage of transport of goods, for any reason, person, corporation, or company and the carriage or transport of any class of goods at its own discretion.
2. This consignment, shall be governed by the laws of N.S.W. Any proceedings against the Carrier, shall be brought in N.S.W. All Terms and Conditions are implied and are to be accepted on hiring of, and shall be adhered to until final delivery of all goods, and completion of transaction between parties.
3. Any person delivering goods to the Carrier and or receiving goods from the Carrier is deemed to have authority to sign for this consignment and agree to accept these Terms and Conditions. The consignor is to be the owner or be the authorized agent of the owner of all goods or belongings to be transported.
4. Goods are to be packed securely (boxed, pallet, packaged or wrapped) in a manner to be adequate to withstand the ordinary risk of carriage during transport, packaging to be accepted by driver, as fit to be transported adequately. Sender to declare the correct weight of goods, description and size of goods that are to be transported by Carrier. Carrier not responsible for any goods that are damaged within concealed packaging, damage incurred before or after transportation, and after delivery at destination.
5. Loading and Unloading of goods shall not be the responsibility of the Carrier. No insurance of the Carrier will be effected by the loading and unloading process of goods. Any damage incurred whilst loading, will be the responsibility of the sender. Any damage incurred whilst unloading will be the responsibility of the receiver.
6. Sender to comply with all laws relating to Dangerous goods, and accurately describes goods to be transported. Engine and gearbox fluids to be drained of all fluids before transport.
7. Any personal belongings in a vehicle, can be transported inside the vehicle, but will not be covered by Carriers insurance.
8. Payment is to be made prior to good being picked up. Payment secures booking. You will recieve an invoice with further details for payment. 
9. Sender and Receiver to abide by laws and accept driver restrictions and limitations regarding travelling hours, and not expect driver to exceed driving hours within any 24 hours.
10. All reasonable care will be taken by Carrier, during transportation, to ensure the safe arrival of goods, at the expected timeframe, at the agreed upon destination. However, destination, date, time, or any other reason for agreement to be changed, is required by Sender or Receiver, after agreed terms, negotiation will be required , in writing, and a fee may be incurred by either the Sender or the Receiver.
11. Should the Sender or Receiver not be available or in attendance at the agreed address, and date/time upon arrival of the driver, during business hours, an additional charge may be incurred, until delivery can be made.
12. Company’s services are provided subject only to its trading terms and conditions. The conditions include the right of the Company to exclude and limit its liability howsoever caused and seek indemnity from the Customer for loss or damage.
13.The price quoted on this listing is based on the information provided on this page. Any variation to this information is subject to possibly higher costs at the Company discretion.